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President's Message (redirected from FrontPage)

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Welcome to First Avenue PTSA

     Hi, I'm Lan Nguyen and I am your First Avenue (FA) Middle School PTSA President for 2023-24.  A heartfelt thanks to predecessors such as Mrs. Kathy Yamane for this workspace which she started over a decade ago to house information for FA PTSA. I have been involved with the PTSA since 2005 (first at Hugo Reid Elementary, then Foothills Middle, then Arcadia High School (AHS) for my two older ones; and now at First Avenue for my 3rd and youngest one). For parents new to FA, you and your child are in for a great and educational experience that will prepare your child for AHS, and hopefully life-long learning.  The teachers, principal, assistant principal and staff here at FA are the finest individuals.


     The PTSA theme for this year is “Inspiring Life-Long Learners as a Positive Force in the World”  As the world rapidly changes, we are committed to developing resilient, kind and well-rounded individuals who can bring their innate talents to life to bring peace and joy to themselves and their community. PTSA is a huge part of that community that supports your child and families.


PTSA sponsors and friends support so many school programs throughout the year and we need your time and talents!

  • If you can bake cookies, pick up coffee and sandwiches, cook a favorite dish, then the Hospitality Committee is for you. 
  • If you can stack and organize books, run a cash register, then the Book Fair Committee, or volunteering in the Library, is for you.
  • If you enjoy music and want to serve snacks and drinks, then the School Dance Committee is for you.
  • If you support art in all is forms, then either Reflections or the Music Club is for you. 


     As you can see, it doesn’t take much to volunteer for the PTSA, and the efforts are magnified by the strength of the FA community.  If you would like to volunteer, please drop me an email and it will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chairperson.


     In 2022-23, FA PTSA reached 100% Membership for students and teachers thanks to our Membership Chair, Jane Jhae.  If you have not already joined, I highly encourage you and your family to join the PTSA now.  Membership is only $7.00 and it gives you a VOICE in Sacramento and Congress.  Our goal this year, and every year, is to exceed 100% membership.  We can continue this proud tradition and accomplishment with your help!  Membership forms are available in the Front Office Bulletin Board.


     PTSA Association meetings are held four times a year in the following months: October, December, March, and May on the 1st Wednesday of that month (at 7:00 pm).  The goal of PTSA is to sponsor an informative and exciting program along with our PTSA business meeting.  Please come and hear Principal Dr. Semeen Issa, Assistant Principal DeGrazia, and a Teacher Representative speak about school current events, programs, curriculum and the various activities going on at FA.


     Thank you so much to the PTSA Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons who stepped up for their volunteerism, dedication and commitment to the PTSA, without which, I couldn’t be able to do my job as the PTSA President. If you have any concerns, questions, or feedback, I look forward to working with you in these important, formidable years.


Lan Nguyen, 2023-24 President


First Avenue Middle School PTSA 




 (click logo for link to Arcadia Education Foundation, AEF)



FA PTSA Gratefully Thanks our Volunteers for their time for our children!  RECORD Your Hours HERE 


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